I'm William Metz, graphic designer. An organizer of information. Though you may also be looking for me if you're looking for a:

Web Designer
Plans and produces web sites by creating the pages, layouts and graphics for web pages.
GUI Designer
Specifically handles the design of interfaces, through the application of user-centered design practices, controlling the navigational and interactive aspects of a any system or device that deals with human-computer interaction.
UX Designer
Similar to a GUI designer, except that the term is even broader, reaching industrial design and physical interaction.
Front End Developer
Synonomous with Web Designer, except slightly more specific. Designs the "front end" of web sites and applications by creating pages, layouts and graphics for them.



My skill set is well-rounded and I'm constantly looking to add to my repetoire and improve those I already hold. Below, next to each skill, I've written a little description that may help you see what I can do for you.


Traditional Illustration
Watercolor, acrylic, oils, colored pencil, etc. My medium of choice is Gouache. Whether an editorial illustration or an ad with a hand-drawn feel, I can create it.
Digital Illustration
Painting with pixels... or vectors, depending on what kind of scalability is necessary or the illustration style desired.


Adobe Creative Suite
This includes Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamsweaver. From Flash animations to elaborate Photoshop illustrations to Adobe Acrobat interactive forms, I can make it. I always have the most up-to-date versions of these on my home computer and stay well-informed about improvements and features.
The graphic and web design software I first started on. Similar in many ways to Adobe Illustrator.
Typically, I'll use Adobe InDesign, but I'm familiar with and have worked in QuarkXPress, designing materials for print.
Unity 3D
Started working with this application over a year ago. It makes 3D development (for gaming or simulations) easy to learn.
Microsoft Office
Well, anymore, most everyone knows how to create a document, spreadsheet, powerpoint, etc. Me too.


I can create a web page from scratch in HTML. I'm for open standards and I've adopted the use of HTML5 in my work.
XML is really useful when you need a way to make an application or interactive dynamic, and provides a way for those less fluent in code to make updates and changes.
CSS 3 really opens up some doors in how a user interacts and views a web page, but not all browsers react and display the same way. It's under these limitations that I really get to be creative.
PHP is nice when you need to parse some information and run functions before the user even sees the next page of a website. It's a behind-the-scenes kind of scripting and lets you build a web page specific to the type of users you have.
I can make a web page animate and become interactive, with or without the use of JavaScript libraries like jQuery.
ActionScript 3.0 is the scripting language I started out with. I can do complex scripting for Flash Player.
WordPress is a useful tool when it comes to content management and easy updates. I can build templates and plugins for this system too.



I graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Graphic Design. I also have a certificate in Commercial Art from the Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center, obtained in 2005.


I currently work as a graphic designer for MountainTop Technologies, Inc. where I design interfaces and build interactive pieces to eLearning and training simulations for both commercial and government contracts, working with for example, the Air Force and EDMC.

Our current project is an initiative to suport and aid children's literacy with interactive reading materials online. You can find out more about it at The Learning Mountain.

I've worked at MountainTop for over 3 years, and from time to time, design a logo, create a website concept, or freelance as a design consultant.

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